washing care.

Please follow along our instructions to take care of your garment:

A few tips to take care of the t-shirts that we print using direct to garment print methods. Follow the tips bellow and your shirts will last a long time with the same bright looking design.

It is no secret that clothes are often made of such materials that require a lot of care. And DTG shirts are no exception.

There are a few precautions that we want you to know before washing your DTG printed shirts. Those tips are easy to follow and won’t take a lot of time and thinking before applying but if you want your shirts to remain wearable and preserve the artwork we’d love to recommend you the following our washing care suggestions.

Pretreatment is one of the key elements in DTG printing. It is designed to help the white ink sit on top of the shirt. The whole process implies using a specific solution and curing it before applying the ink. Pretreatment is commonly used to print full-colored images on t-shirts of different colors.
However, you should be careful with wearing colored garment right after the printing. It is widely recommended to wash your colored shirts or any piece of clothing before putting it on. If worn without washing there is a huge risk of sun staining. It happens to all of the garments, however, the most noticeable are light-colored shirts.
Such stains are impossible to get rid of. This is why we strongly advise washing any colored piece of clothing before exposing it to direct sunlight. This way your clothes will remain high-quality and will be safe to wear at any time of day or night.

1. Washing

  • Turn your t-shirt/sweatshirt inside out.
  • Fill your washing machine with cold water.
  • Use the correct amount of soap and AVOID using bleach. If necessary, use non-chlorine bleach.
  • Use the gentle cycle on your washing machine.

2. Drying

  • Tumble dry low (lowest setting possible), or hang-dry for longest life and avoid shrinking.

3. Ironing

  • Avoid ironing the design. If necessary, cool iron inside-out.

4. Do not

  • Do not dry clean.